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Our Road, Gravel, 650b & 29R hartails $1800

( 2-color custom paint, headset, seatpost clamp)

Our 650b & 29r Full Suspension $2000

(2-color custom paint, frame, headset, seatpost clamp)



The 411

Here at Deep South Bicycle Company we are dedicated to sharing our passion for the sport we love.  We offer high quality carbon frames and custom OX Platinum Steel or Ti bike. We are stocked to provide resources to make your dream bike a reality. Our expertise comes from our 30 + years of extensive racing and training in every imaginable weather condition. Combined with our 35 years of experience in the bicycle industry it gives us a unique perspective and we want to deliver the best experience for you if you're shredding your local trails and/or riding or racing in your local peloton.

Our Team

Here at Deep South Bicycle Company we have built great  relationships with the following companies to bring the best possible experience to meet your riding needs.

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Here at Deep South Bicycle Company we’re pretty excited to support Racing in the Southeast and stoked to be the bike of choice for the NGCA elite team.
— Michael Livingston, Owner
Deep South Bicycle Company is dedicated to “Paying it Forward” All scholastic Athletes (College, High School & Middle School) will always be given generous discounts to help shoulder the cost and make sure we pass on the love of our sport.
— Michael Livingston, Owner
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The Deep South Candy Land


Race Frameset – non aero

  • Size:  45CM  48cm,50cm,52cm,54cm,56cm,58cm,60cm
  • Weave:   UD
  • Finished:  Custom
  • Material:    Hight Modulus Toray T1000 Carbon
  • Brake Type:     Normal brakes
  • Weight:   Frame 860g(50cm), Fork 330g  seatpost :200G
  • quick release:    Front 9 x 100mm QR, Rear 9 x 130mm QR
  • Head tube: Taper 1-1/8” to 1-1/2”
  • Wheels size:    700X25C
  • Warranty:     Lifetime
  • Fork Offset :          45 angle
  • Seat tube:  For 27.2mm seat post
  • Bottom Braket:    BSA

Race Frameset Aero


  • Material: Toray T800 Carbon Fiber
  • Size:
  • Warranty: Lifetime
  • Weight:1050g/+-30g
  • Bottom braket type:BB86
  • Head tube: 1-1/8”,1-1/2”
  • Wheels size: 700X25C/28c

Deep South 650b HardTail

   650b & 29r

  • Super light 1200 grams
  • Amazing clean lines with all Internally routed cables
  • Designed to provide superior stiffness but not at the expense of a comfortable ride
  • Taper headtube.
  • Approximate Weight: 1200 +/-40g for frame size 18"
  • UD carbon
  • Orange and White is our thing - Custom color are available - 2 color only add $150.00
  • sizing 16", 18",20"

 Deep South Full Suspension

  650b & 29r  


  • Size:15.5”,17.5” ,19”21”
  • Finished:  UD Matt or Gloss
  • Type:        29er& 650b 
  • Material:High Modulus Toray T700 Carbon Fiber
  • Rear Shock:165*40mm
  • Rear wheels travel:100.2mm
  • Advise Fork Travel:100mm
  • Brake Type: Disc-brakes
  • Disc Rotor size:180mm
  • Warranty:2 years
  • Weight:1980g/+-45g (17.5”)
  • Bottom bracket type: BB92
  • Cable type: Internal cable
  • Rear space :12*142mm thru axle
  • Head tube:1-1/8”,1-1/2” Taper full carbon
  • Seat tube:For 31.6mm diameter seat post
  • Max Tire size:29er*2.25 inch

Your Dream Ride --Custom Steel and Ti Frames

Time to raise your Stoked level by 10x and let us design your dream ride. Choose from our US made OX Platinum Steel / Ti frames 

Contact us today to make your Dream OX Platinum bike become a reality

Livin in our World -  The Deep South Bicycle Company kits are available for purchase  $160 for Bibs and $120 for Jerseys.

Our partnership with Zaavy allows us to offer some very unique options for our Deep South Bicycle Company kits and your own kits as well.  In 2016 and beyond we'll be represent the Zaavy product lines at all our Events.


Philosophy and Design

  • It all starts with patterns.
  • Our patterns are driven by our leadership. Cyclists. Professional cyclists, Masters Cyclists, 24 Hour Endurance Cyclists. Recreational Cyclists.
  • Patterns start with a philosophy. Zaavy’s overall philosophy:
  • Apparel should feel so good you never think about it.
  • It must look great
  • It must be flap-free
  • It should be the best at every price point
  • We make apparel suitable for serious cyclists. If we wouldn’t feel good about riding all day in it, we won’t build or sell it.
  • We design and build it in the USA
  • Zaavy’s product patterns are designed for specific sport. Cycling, Triathlon, Running.
  • Designed for skin tight performance without binding or restricting movement during the activity.
  • Club touring tops are designed to allow for a little more room for the cyclist that prefers a relaxed fit but critical areas like the jersey base, the sleeves and the shoulders share the same basic flap free design.
  • Bottoms are most critical. They should always be skin tight and act like a second skin. No distinction between race and touring.
  • Lots of sizes – some companies pattern in 2” Increments – we pattern in 1“ to make sure our apparel fit a wide variety of body types.
  • Men’s and Women’s specific patterns. Men and women have different body types. First layer (jerseys/shorts and bibs) must be shaped to gender. Secondary layers (vests, jackets) can be unisex.

Local Manufacturing

  • We make it all here in the good ole USA.
  • That, combined with our patent pending proprietary manufacturing process, enables rapid fulfillment and 1 unit minimum orders.
  • Rapid Problem Resolution – Mistakes happen. Even with Zaavy Apparel. We fix stuff fast, and you don’t have to wait forever for something to ship from China or Italy and clear customs

Imaging and Graphics

There are two primary imaging techniques for athletic apparel. Silk Screening and Digital Dye Sublimation. Silk screening is old technology where the inks are squeezed through a pre-image screen – a secondary imaging technique. Digital Dye Sublimation is a direct digital imaging technology. Why Zaavy Apparel ONLY offers Digital Dye Sublimation:

Highest resolution – We can image finer lines and images. They appear crisper, better defined and colors are more vibrant. Much like the difference between a 1MB Picture and a 10 MB picture. We image such fine lines we even print the wash instructions on the apparel – no tags sewn into our apparel.

Our stuff looks the best – We can tailor the inks and toners to the particular apparel. Zaavy Apparel uses twice the amount of toner to image our custom wear and prints at half the rate of many other suppliers. That gets you superior graphics. Your apparel “pops,” looks sharp. Downside to this approach? It costs more!

We can make it fast – Since we are all digital, we can make one without incurring setup time delays or set up costs, once the art is in our system. Older technology Silk Screens always involves high set up costs. Making one piece of apparel in silk screening is not practical.

Image Design

Many companies size the art for the smallest size and place it on the larger sizes without scaling to it up proportionally. Zaavy Apparel scales everything to the specific size so that art looks the same on any size. Takes more time, costs us more, but makes for better looking apparel!

Construction – We Sweat the Details

Materials: Our raw materials are the best.

  • The best primary fabrics – We scour the world for the best fabrics. From Italy, Japan and the US. Jersey’s tops are typically 100% polyester. We select fabrics that stretch for flap free riding. These fabrics must also accept a high resolution vibrant digital image, offer UV protection. We test and only select the best fabrics, direct from the manufacturer so that we know what we are getting. There are lots of third party fabrics out there, many used by low cost producers, particularly in China and Vietnam. Saves money taking the Asian approach but we choose to insure that our customers receive the best fabrics.
  • Skin tight bottoms and body suit fabrics – Bibs, shorts, body suits and tri tops require a skintight aerodynamic fit. That requires elastane (also known as spandex) content in the fabric. We’ve selected and use two different fabrics for these products. They feel great, fit great and being flap free, optimize (lower) wind resistance.
  • Ultra Technical Environmental Protective Fabrics – Our wind and thermal fabrics offer wind and thermal protection while being breathable. And we offer one more benefit – flap free riding. Out multilevel breathable laminates stretch. Worn over a jersey and base layer they are still conformal to your body without impairing movement. As far as we know we are the only supplier offering these wind and thermal fabrics. Our source is proprietary. But rest assured the folks that make these fabrics for us are recognized for their ability to provide the worlds most advanced technical fabrics.
  • The Pads – A bottom is only as good as the pad.


  • Only one country manufactures pads suitable for serious cyclists. Italy.
  • There are just four manufactures of Pads worth discussing. Cytech, TMF, Dr. Pad and Teosport.
  • Cytech and TMF are the recognized leaders.
  • What about those “special pads” with clever names referenced by other customwear sources? Marketing hype.
  • They are just rebranding the pads developed and manufactured made by the referenced Italian suppliers.
  • Really No Alternatives? Low end Asian or Mexican sourced apparel sometimes uses generic locally produced pads – ride on them once and you’ll realize why Zaavy Apparel does not use them!
  • Zaavy Apparel only uses the higher end pads suitable for 4+ hours in the saddle. Our high end Cytech pad is antimicrobial, suitable for 6+ hour rides and is used routinely in the pro peloton.


  • Zippers – we use YKK zippers. We put 2-way, separating zippers on our jackets and vests. Basic story is this……………..YKK zippers are reliable, rarely fail. They also cost up to 3X competitive alternatives. But as YKK’s tagline says, “small part – big problem”. A broken zipper ruins the apparel. We take the quality approach and use only YKK.
  • Virgin Silicone Grippers –Many manufacturers us PVC grippers which look like silicone but deteriorate rapidly, feel “sticky” and in some cases cause allergic reactions. Why would they use PVC? Cost. Our Silicone grippers come from Italy and cost up to 10X more than Asian made PVC grippers.
  • Power Bands: There is only one country manufacturing high end power band material. It’s Italy. We use power bands containing polyester and elastane. Superior grip, hypoallergenic, compressive. And wicked expensive.
  • Stretch threads – our threads stretch just like our fabrics. And, of course, our thread costs more. And we matching thread colors to the apparel design.


  • Multiple Sewing Technologies – It takes three to four sewing machines to build our product. No one stitch fits all. We use single and double needle machines. We use flat lock and over lock machines. We use zig-zag machines for securing chamois to insure chafe free riding.
  • We sew locally. We perfect and manage the sewing process.
  • Sewing locally means better quality – but at a cost. It cost us 10-12X more to sew in the USA. Our sewers earn a living wage, pay taxes and work reasonable hours. Does this matter? We think so. And of course sewing locally means we produce faster.